Why do we keep polluting?

Sometimes it is difficult to explain the true cause why, as human beings, we continue to pollute the environment. The behavior patterns that we follow as a society will lead us sooner or later to an eminent extinction if they are not corrected. But to be able to change our way of thinking, it is necessary to know in depth the main reasons that prevent us from making a real change. In addition, in this article I will present a solution for each presented problem, so that you will have a perspective of the bigger picture.

Our daily life depends on destructive activities

It is very interesting to see that despite technological advances and the need to reduce pollution, our cars still use fossil fuel. The worst thing is that it is intended to enter the world of electric cars with a very slow transition. In addition, the food industry uses highly polluting processes to obtain and distribute its products. Surely you've seen dozens of documentaries that talk about these issues; personally, I recommend you Who Killed the Electric Car?and Denied Agriculture.

Even so, we cannot continue to blame industries for imposing on us such an aggressive way of life against nature. But is it better to keep quiet and accept this destiny apparently bigger than us? The answer is that IT IS NOT. In a developed city, you do not need a car every day. You can buy food directly in local markets, or better yet, cultivate them yourself. The destructive industrial activities reflect the needs of an unbelieving and blind society that, even knowing the reality behind what it consumes, clings to the lifestyle in which it is most comfortable.

Making small changes in our habits can make a huge difference in the fight to help save the planet.

These moments of decision are crucial to remove power from industries that impede the healthy development of society. It is a lie that these companies have established a way of life... the way of living is established by us. If these points are meaningless to you, then it is important to pay attention to the following reason that I am about to present to you.

We do not have the level of consciousness enough to make a change

Being aware of the threat posed by our activities as humans on the planet goes beyond reading articles on the internet, watching documentaries or sharing support campaigns on social networks. You need to be able to stop a moment and look around, the color of the sky, the aroma of the air that is breathed. This is literally learning to see the great mistake that we are committing as a society. Very often I do this activity in my city, where using my scooter to reduce polluting agents is a very high risk for my health. This is because when I breathe (especially in the center of the city) I can perceive all the harmful gases that pollute the oxygen, and that consequently, hurt my lungs.

For this process of being conscious, there is a very deep reflection, coming from a Toltec history that involves a sage and his apprentice. Both are about to jump off a cliff to test their spiritual strength. Shortly before, the apprentice is terrified, full of doubts and tremendously nostalgic because, with great probability, he will stop seeing his loved ones. Then the sage reveals one of the "secrets" best kept by the people of his lineage over the years. The wise man tells the young man that a warrior will no longer see loneliness nor feel distressed if he learns to love his land and earth (nature).

"When you learn to love your land, she will love you, and no matter where you are, she will always be there for you, and you will be able to feel her affection, and you will not need anything else to be happy. That will give you the power to do anything, to overcome any fear. "

This story touched my soul, because as it is well suggested, when I learned to love nature, I realized how much nature does for us. Even more shocking, I realized how much I suffered from the hand of man, and I could feel that same suffering. This led me to stop every time I have been about to commit an act that damages the planet, however minimal, and to ask me if it is really necessary to do so. Being sensitive with Earth gave me the power to decide. And, if I decide not to consume those products that negatively impact the environment, then the processes to create them, and the companies themselves, will slowly fade away. Be aware that any negative effects that are currently caused will affect more seriously the following generations, and of course, the people we already love.

Do not forget that your actions reflect what you are, and that if you decide to adopt habits that help take care of our planet, then sooner or later your social circle will repeat the process. Stop thinking that your actions will not make any change, because everything you do for nature today will be reflected in the medium and long term. Forget the "what will others say?" when they see you picking up trash that you did not even throw away. Forget the "laziness" of preventing someone else from contaminating when it is possible to stop it.

The best alternative that Eco World Building offers to compensate the negative impact, is to offer housing and business constructions with positive environmental impact. The power of change begins with our will, and with the passage of time, this will be enough to eradicate the evils that ambition and greed have generated in recent decades.