An optimal life model

We are in a time when the world of sustainability and sustainability are imposed as a fashion, which opens the way to a true change of consciousness. Globalization has allowed us to learn about the risks that humanity runs because of its consumerist attitude and lack of responsibility. Much is mentioned about the threats that impend us as a society, but very few are the solutions we implement. In fact, few has been spread about a concept of vital importance in the 21st century, which promises to rescue the decadent future that is coming up with effective and intelligent proposals: Permaculture.

This video will give you a general idea about this concept, so that you have an approach to this structuring system (video is in Spanish):

It is important to mention that to carry a permaculture life, it is required first of a evolution of thought, that allows us to sweep away old habits that, without knowing, can be destructive to nature. In this article we will try to summarize various important points that will facilitate your understanding on the subject. Similarly, we will try to disprove several misconceptions that may arise with this new current, which very soon will become a global trend.

Characteristics of permaculture:

  • Respects the patterns dictated by nature, using them as models for human ingenuity to implement integral solutions that imitate natural flows, according to the purposes sought.
  • Integrates harmoniously elements between the human being and the Earth, making the most of their resources, without an attitude of exploitation or destruction.
  • Watches attentively its natural environment and design solutions according to social needs that must be covered, adapting them to their geographical and cultural needs.
  • Takes advantage of the energy of different natural sources and seeks to preserve it for its correct use, so that its distribution is equitable and fair.
  • Produces and generates resources, avoiding waste, or recycling them for their use within the cycle created.
  • Values ecological diversity according to the different geographical points, seeking not only to preserve them, but also adding processes that help their correct development and sustainability.
  • Searches to balance the quality of life of the different socioeconomic states, trying to eradicate marginalization.
  • Self-regulates the implemented processes and accepts feedback from the different agencies involved in the designed system.
  • Restores the damage caused to natural systems while managing resources in a sustainable manner as a holistic system.
  • Spreads love and respect among living beings, since this is the primary fuel that allows us to understand exactly the purpose and needs of them.

Misconceptions about permaculture:

  • Permaculture is not an activist behavior. Permacultural life takes from home and it is applied in daily life with our fellow human beings and with nature.
  • Permaculture has nothing has to do with being vegetarian, vegan or omnivorous. There are permacultural activities that contribute to human sustainability, such as fish farming and hunting to control animal populations, as well as the exclusive cultivation of organic food in home gardens.
  • Permaculture is not a sect or religious group; anyone It can be part of it, because as its name implies, it is a Permanent Culture.
  • It is not limited to sustainable systems to help nature, but also proposes philosophical and thinking models to improve the quality of personal life.
  • Living in the city is not an impediment to lead a permacultural life. Implement homegardens is an activity that can be done even in a department.
  • Saving energy is only a fraction of permaculture thinking. To fully implement this philosophy requires to add some element or behavior that improve the ecosystem to which it belongs.
  • There are no established processes. Any proposal that adapts to the needs of a particular ecosystem is welcome, as long as they do not destroy or attempt against any living being.
  • Permaculture is not synonymous with isolation or outdated behavior. In fact, different technologies play an important role in the implementation of sustainable solutions . Likewise, permaculture works best when applied in communities that seek to evolve and to get better their quality of life.
  • This way of life is not exclusive of any socioeconomic level or culture. Both a farmer and a businessman can lead a permacultural life.
  • Permaculture not only covers material needs. When this way of living is understood in depth, it can considerably improve our lives. spiritually.

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