Green roofs

The future of construction

The human being is very good at creating, but in recent years he has not done enough to change the way he satisfies his needs. The use of fossil fuels continues to be the main power system for our vehicles. Likewise, ecological responsibility in the poorest countries is lost between ignorance and ambition. Our skies are dyed dark tones that dirty the blue that characterizes it. The air we breathe is not clean at all, and the consequences will not be paid only by us, but by the following generations ...

However, since the 1960s a concept known as "Green Roofs", in Germany. This is simply to cover with vegetation the roof of a building, totally or partially. This idea is not satisfied with the implementation of plants in pots, or changing the paint color of the site. A green roof seeks to place a small ecosystem that works in benefit for the nature that surrounds him and for ourselves. And in this way, the negative impact that already happens when a part of the living land is used for construction is compensated.

The benefits of having a green roof represent a drastic change in the coexistence of human beings with nature ...

Filtration of CO₂ pollutants

From small they teach us how the plants are responsible for cleaning the air, this through natural chemical processes. Having a green roof at home helps the environment, positively impacting and compensating for vegetation losses caused by construction, replacing carbon dioxide molecules with oxygen. Can you imagine how much it would help to reduce pollution to have green roofs throughout a city, county or community?

Thermal properties

Having a green roof helps also maintain the temperature of the interior of the building much more pleasant. In times of heat, the green roof absorbs solar energy, so that inside the house is cooler. Similarly, during winter, the conservation of interior heat is greater. This is a smart way to reduce the use of cooling and heating devices, because when used less by the ceiling properties, less electricity is spent.

Water filtration

A green roof has the ability to filter rainwater from pollutants and heavy metals, this in a 100% natural way. If you have a smart green roof, the water can be filtered such to purify it for consumption. This represents an important benefit, especially for communities in extreme poverty, where there are problems in obtaining drinking water.

Food cultivation

After water, the main problem of any marginalized population is hunger. Having the option of growing food on the roof of your own home transcends radically the way to take advantage of space in a productive way. Growing your own food on a roof is a way to satisfy the main need of any human being who works to buy food. If there were communities that grow different foods on their roofs, the opportunity to improve local trade increases. When you think about it, growing food in your own home, without requiring much space, is a way to ensure the healthy development of a family and nature.

Aesthetics and Design

Finally, one of the benefits of having a green roof is that it will look beautiful. Regardless of the architecture of the house, the plants will give life to your home, showing off the best that the land has of itself. Imagine an aerial photograph of an urbanized area with green roofs ... Imagine complete cities adorned with life, showing the true color that a planet like ours must have.

We believe that the green roofs are the future of a civilization that will manage to avoid its own demise. We are confident that implementing technologies such as this one will promote a growth of consciousness and radically reduce the negative effects that pollution exerts. Equally important is to mention that the change begins with each of us, and that implementing green roofs starts with the conviction and decision to improve the planet.

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