About Us


"Eco World Building mission is to provide world-class products and services with updated technology for urbanization and sustainable construction within reach of all market levels, granting the highest value at the lower cost.”


"Contribute with our products and services to the development of communities that live in harmony with the environment, making the urbanization and sustainable construction the most desirable system to live and foster”

Tecnología EWB

Our technology is composed by 4 essential elements, which are integrated into the house and which constitute a unique construction method because of its diverse applications and benefits for the resident.

EWB Walls

The EWB® walls are capable of encapsulating any type of earth or sand between thin but resistant concrete veins. These materials can be obtained in the same region where the construction will be carried out, and will result in a bloc 60 cm thick.

The quality of our walls is that they not only help to establish effective thermal insulation and resistance to disasters, but they can also function as water filters, depending on the material they are filled with, and can deliver drinking water. Further no foundation required.

It is required to use special molds, to be able to carry out the process of building a wall, which are provided by Eco World Building.

Green roofs

Having a green roof guarantees that the thermal insulation for the house is of maximum effectiveness. This will help the interior temperature reduzca hasta en 16º C in times of heat.

It can be grown any type of plants. Regional flora is recommended, but it is also feasible to grow any type of food. This increases the value of the home, because it covers a basic need of anyone through this system.

Our green roof has an autonomous irrigation system, which is distributed through separate channels. This not only hydrates the flora, but also carries the water through a natural filtration process that will be used by the house itself.

* A tree can damage the slab with its roots.

EWB® slab

Our slab is designed to withstand the weight of the green roof, as well as to reduce construction costs considerably. The design of this system, like that of the EWB® Walls, is patented.

The material used for the formation of the slab is glass (for skylights), aluminum (for air conditioning outputs) and ceramic floated with elastomer. All these materials are supported on a steel structure intelligently designed to save materials and distribute weight.

This system isolates Effectively all types of humidity, providing security and comfort to the interior of the house.

Water Filtration System®

Our filtration system cleans the waste water that is generated in the house, so it can be reused and consumed. It requires a storage tank, this to be driven by a pump to the top of the house (this does not generate bad odors).

The first method of filtration is thanks to our encapsulated material walls. Intelligent preparation is carried out with materials such as earth, sand and stone. The wall then delivers the water, installing an outlet for it.

The second method It is through our green roof, which performs the purification thanks to the gutters system and some filters placed at the end of them. The water is lowered directly from the roof, or by a "green wall" that can be directed to a pond for fish farming.

About us?

Eco World Building® is a company dedicated to the development and implementation of low-cost sustainable and sustainable construction technology. We have found that the main problems that threaten the subsistence of human beings on this planet are related to their habits and way of life. We seek to offer a construction alternative and make decent housing available to anyone, which not only positively impacts its natural environment, but also the owner's quality of life and their vision of sustainable responsibility.

Our ideology is based on respect for the environment, healthy coexistence and relationships with positive values ​​within the community, resuming good customs that have been lost with the rapid growth of the population. We take advantage of natural resources with a deep respect and commitment to the environment, by promoting energy saving and the implementation of recycling, this in order to generate positive impacts on our environment and leave a better world than the one we find.


Eco World Building starts in 2006 with the intention of satisfying the most basic needs of the human being.

In its beginnings, the technology begins with a system of modular houses prefabricated with polystyrene, better known as ICF, in order to improve the thermal properties of the house and reduce construction system costs. At this time, the slab that supported the green roof was made of concrete with encapsulated materials; this represented a problem, since we were looking to reduce the use of concrete to the maximum.

During 2010, the encapsulation system of organic materials for the walls was developed, which reduces the amount of concrete used up to 40% of conventional systems. In addition, the encapsulation system decreased the need for the use of steel for foundations, since the system of blocks is self-sustaining. The concrete slab was replaced by PVC, which ensured a considerable decrease in the cost of construction.

In 2017, our technology was consolidated by establishing a resistant and economical roof, which consists of floating ceramic with elastomer on a steel structure. This last would guarantee security and resistance of the roof. In addition, our technology has been limited to include only earth and sand in the walls.